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We offer a large selection of services for all denominations at competitive rates. Every family has different needs and personal wishes when it comes to arranging a service for a loved one. Whether the choice is a traditional funeral service, a memorial service or a basic cremation, we strive to accommodate each family’s wishes. We offer a variety of service packages, as well as additional options for you to select to personalize your arrangements.

Funeral services

Memorial services

funeral service is a service or ceremony that takes place with a casket present.

memorial service is a service or ceremony without the presence of the body, although an urn containing the ashes may be present.

Both Funeral and Memorial Services can have burial or cremation as an option. With a Funeral Service the burial or cremation happens after the service and with a Memorial Service the burial or cremation happens before the service.
Also, both types of services can have a reception or luncheon to follow at the funeral home or at a location of choice.

Celebration of life services

M.W. Becker Funeral Home feels that everyone’s life journey is special and therefore, their service, visitation and/or gathering should reflect that. We encourage families to bring in memorabilia such as pictures, music, collectables, sporting goods and artwork to help create a unique and comforting experience.